Poly Pool S.p.A. is a leading company in the production and marketing of electrical equipment and small household appliances in Large-scale Retail Chains at an Italian and international level.

The company has been a partner of absolute reliability for over 40 years throughout the procurement process, from design to production, from the selection of the best suppliers worldwide to the accurate quality control of individual products in line with the highest international standards.

The commercial network in Italy and over 30 foreign countries and the internal logistics structure, with 40,000 square meters of warehouses and production units, allow the company to satisfy the service requests of national and international distribution, guaranteeing daily deliveries throughout the territory, even at individual points of sale.


The company oversees the shops and all the chains of the large food distribution, do-it-yourself, electronics, hardware and household items with a range of over 5,000 items, ranging from civil and industrial electrical material to small household appliances, kitchen and personal care.

The ability to offer a wide range of solutions and extensive product lines allows the company to meet the needs of the various distribution channels and consumers, but above all, to offer more and more innovative, reliable, safe and increasingly connected products in line with the new “Smart” solutions present in modern domestic and industrial environments.

The internal production and procurement network also allows Poly Pool to be a reliable partner for the supply of “private label” product lines for its customers, for which it oversees the selection and all stages of marketing.


The market is evolving with extreme speed. The ability to choose and the needs of increasingly attentive consumers are the daily stimuli that encourage us to continuously update our assortments and production processes.

Electrical Material | The company produces and distributes material for domestic and industrial use: plugs, sockets, adapters, extensions, cables and accessories for installations and ducts, lighting systems and smart command and control devices.

Small household devices | In the SDA segment of small household appliances, the offer consists of products for domestic heating, ventilation and air treatment and purification, food preparation and cooking, as well as a range of personal care products.

Electric Mobility | The range of products for charging electric vehicles developed by Scame Parre (connectors, charging cables and “Wall Box” devices) is easy and immediate to install and represents the evolution of sustainability in private homes and public environments through targeted solutions for each user.