Ardes company was founded in 1945 in Gallarate. The name Ardes seems to date back to the founder’s militancy in the 10th Arditi Regiment, while the assonance with the verb “ardere” would lead to think of products that are related to heating. In 1962, the company moved to Milan, specializing in the production of electric cookers. In 1992 the company moved to the Seriana Valley (Bergamo) and became part of the Scame Group, expanding the range of products made in Italy. Over the following years products such as the electric slow mixer, the warmers, the electric and gas cookers, the underblankets and the range of hot steam humidifiers were born.
In 2015 the company became the small appliance division of Poly Pool S.p.A., a leading company in the distribution of electrical equipment.
From over 60 years, Ardes products have been oin the shelves of Italian distribution and in more than 50 foreign countries.


Ardes brand products are made and selected in strict compliance with current regulations and the best parameters of quality, with internal and external controls certificates. Our mission is to offer functional, safe, easy to use products, which can meet the everyday needs of our customers.


Ardes keeps its word. The word is a contract, both in relations with industrial partners and as a commitment to the end user. What we declare is what we achieve. Ardes requests a similar commitment from all external collaborators, suppliers, sales agents and customers, in compliance with a philosophy that places the consumer at the center of the decision making. All internal and external control bodies are involved to protect and monitor, recall and correct behaviors that do not comply with the rules, to preserve the traditional company’s policy.


The Ardes proposal now embraces various categories of small household appliances:

• Cooking and Preservation, historical ranges for the company, which has always been a market leader in the electric cooker and gas cooking segment, thanks to Italian production and technical know-how.
• Heaters, with the range of warmers and underblankets Made in Italy, and with the wide range of small portable heaters.
• Ventilation, with an extensive catalogue covering all product categories for summer cooling.
• Air treatment, with Humidifiers and Purifiers also made under the brand names of important international brands.
• Electric repellents against insects and mosquitoes, perfect complement to home comfort products.
• Personal care products.


Countertrend to all the competitors, Ardes is still producing in Italy. Many of the items in the catalogue are imported, but tens of thousands of products still come out of the factory in the Seriana Valley every year. It is not just stubbornness, but the desire to have total control of production, combined with the opportunity to realize customized products and adapt to the customers’ needs. The Italian production is one of the flagships, which makes the company to be present in more than 40 countries worldwide. Made in Italy, Made in Ardes.